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Hello all,

I realize that this note should have come ages ago, but as you can see, I haven’t updated in well over a year. There are various reasons for this, but the most important is that for some reason I have been unable to update to the current version of Wordpress with this template and it’s a massive pain to upload images.

I have been working on a new design, which will go live soon. In the meantime, please feel free to view my work and/or keep up with me here:

Twitter: @livebabylive or @delineated
Tumblr (my iPhone photo blog)

Please keep an eye on this space in the coming month!

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Mindless Self Indulgence @ The Phoenix

Mindless Self Indulgence_4361
March 15, 2009 @ The Phoenix

The first time I caught Mindless Self Indulgence was at Projekt Revolution in 2007. They were playing early in the day on the second stage and had a pretty decent sized crowd watching them, which intrigued me enough to pull the camera out . The singer, Little Jimmy Urine, had me running to keep up with him the entire time. He does not. stand. still. ever.

At least this somewhat prepared me for shooting the Phoenix show. The wild Jimmy chase was on from the second the band hit the stage, except this time I also had the challenge of complete back lighting on top of the ‘wtf is going on here?’ craziness, which meant that I had to pop the flash to get anything.

Two songs in and next thing you know the three of us who were shooting the show are being pulled on stage, with Jimmy shoving his face right in our lenses. It was kind of nuts…I didn’t know where to stand, so I kind of moved into the corner and shot from there for the next few minutes before being escorted from the stage.

Overall, it was a chaotic but fun shoot, and the crowd was great…I’ve never felt the floor of the Phoenix shake so much, to the point where the speaker stacks were swaying.

More photos after the break.

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Anvil @ CMW Indie Awards


Canadian metal underdogs Anvil were on hand at the CMW Indie Awards a few weeks back for a special performance of “Metal on Metal” and to accept induction into the Canadian Indies Hall of Fame.

The band has recently gained new found attention with the release of a documentary called Anvil! The Story of Anvil, which chronicles their 30+ year career of relative obscurity and the last ditch effort for revival. The doc has been receiving accolades worldwide and will be in limited release on April 10th. While I’ve had a few opportunities to view this, I’ve managed to miss it each time. Really looking forward to seeing the doc soon. If you are interested, here is the trailer.

From a photography point of view, Anvil are a ton of fun to shoot, particularly Steve “Lips” Kudlow. He makes a lot of eye contact and is incredibly expressive. Unfortunately, because we were forced to stay in one spot, I didn’t get any drum shots of Robb Reiner. Hopefully there will be another opportunity in the near future.

More photos after the jump.

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The Midway State @ CMW Indie Awards

The Midway State_3816
March 14, 2009 @ Indie Awards

Toronto-area band, The Midway State, performing at the Canadian Music Week Indie Awards, where they took home the prize for Favourite Pop Artist.

More photos after the jump.
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Canadian Music Fest/Week - Coming Soon!

Gene Simmons_3181
Gene Simmons @ CHUM Fan Fest

Another Canadian Music Fest/Week has come and gone and I’m just recovering from running around for 6 days straight. I shot 24 bands in that span and will have some new stuff up shortly! In the meantime, here’s a shot of Gene Simmons, CMW’s keynote speaker, who was pretty much everywhere the whole week.

More to come soon!

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