Live Baby Live 2.0 - Oh Happy Day!

Posted on Monday, February 16th, 2009 under Announcements

Warped Tour Fan_3507

We have liftoff! I have just switched my site over from one that was custom coded to the much more user-friendly Wordpress. Now that I have a few new features and an easier process to update, posting will be much more frequent around here.

There are still a few tweaks and features that need to be implemented, such as the transfer of gallery images, which will now be integrated into each post, and the portfolio is in the process of being created (story of my life). Otherwise, everything should work properly. If you notice anything that looks wonky in your browser, please let me know.

Additionally, please update your RSS feed!

Thanks so much to Joel, Gary, Raj and Andre for answering my silly questions, guiding me along, outright coding stuff because I’m not smart enough to do it myself, and for being super awesome in general. I’d still be pulling my hair out right now without their help!

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