Mastodon @ Bonnaroo

June 14, 2008 @ Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN

I know this is kind of a cop out, but seeing as I recently wrote about Mastodon in my Best of 2008 post, and it neatly summed up everything I feel about this band, I’m just going to copy it here:

Mastodon. Oh man. I’m not the biggest metal fan in the world, but seeing/shooting these guys will melt your face, kick up your adrenaline and then leave you completely exhausted, but in a totally exhilarating way. I LOVE shooting these guys almost more than any other band out there. I’ve never taken speed (or any other upper…or even drank coffee), but if I did, the feeling I get when shooting them is what I imagine it to be like. Even if you don’t really know Mastodon’s music, they are definitely worth seeing live. Run, don’t walk.

For this particular show, we were almost denied entry into the pit, as security feared the crowd was going to get rowdy. It was the middle of the afternoon and the place was full of stinky hippies, so I just kind of laughed and waited patiently. After security realized that people were pretty chill, we were allowed in in small groups for two songs only. It went by crazy fast, so I concentrated most of my shooting time on Troy Sanders (singer/bass). I love watching him. He’s the nicest guy off stage and then unleashes the beast when he’s playing. I can’t get enough.

Mastodon have a new album called Crack The Sky coming out on March 24th, and just released their first video for “Divinations” late last week, which can be seen on their site. But! Best news of all–they’ll be back in Toronto at the Opera House on May 5th. I can’t f’ing wait.

More photos after the break.

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Of Montreal @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Of Montreal_0100October 28, 2008 @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre - Toronto, ON

“I am covered in feathers and I’m not sure what I just witnessed”

Those were the first words I tweeted right after this show ended. Nuns, John McCain masks, machine guns, glitter, roller skaters, a hanging, feathers, a coffin full of shaving cream, and a plethora of other random weirdness later, the winner for ‘Most Sensory Overload In A Live Show’ goes to Of Montreal. I still don’t think I’ve fully processed what happened, not to mention the fact that months later I’m still discovering glitter and bits of feather in my camera bag.

Being able to shoot the full show was both a blessing and a curse–so many different scenes to choose from makes it very difficult to edit down. I ended up shooting 7Gb at this show, but sadly, about 3Gb somehow went missing, so much of the debauchery won’t be shown below. If I locate the images, I will update this post.

Full set of photos after the fold.
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Ghostland Observatory @ Bonnaroo

Ghostland Observatory_0675
June 14, 2008 @ Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN

I don’t really have much more to add about Ghostland Observatory that wasn’t already said in my Top 10 Live Shows post, aside from the fact that I’ve been waiting very impatiently for them to make their way to Toronto. Do you hear me, Ghostland? STILL WAITING! I’d really like to experience the full show.

Unfortunately, from a photo perspective, while the laser light show was incredibly cool, it didn’t cast very much light on the caped Thomas Turner, who was tucked over to the side behind a keyboard in almost total darkness. So consider this gallery the Aaron Behrens show.

A bit of news:

If you’re on Twitter, you might want consider following @livebabylive. Thanks to this newfangled (to me) Wordpress plugin technology, I have this baby set up to automatically update Twitter with a link to new posts. I will also be posting other stuff on there, such as quick news, contests, etc.

Also, from now on, image galleries will be integrated into each post, with all photos (aside from the top one) being posted after the jump (click ‘read more’).

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Live Baby Live 2.0 - Oh Happy Day!

Warped Tour Fan_3507

We have liftoff! I have just switched my site over from one that was custom coded to the much more user-friendly Wordpress. Now that I have a few new features and an easier process to update, posting will be much more frequent around here.

There are still a few tweaks and features that need to be implemented, such as the transfer of gallery images, which will now be integrated into each post, and the portfolio is in the process of being created (story of my life). Otherwise, everything should work properly. If you notice anything that looks wonky in your browser, please let me know.

Additionally, please update your RSS feed!

Thanks so much to Joel, Gary, Raj and Andre for answering my silly questions, guiding me along, outright coding stuff because I’m not smart enough to do it myself, and for being super awesome in general. I’d still be pulling my hair out right now without their help!

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2008 Photo Passes

2008 Photopasses

Meant to post this a few days back. I’m not lapsing on the site again, I swear! I’m actually in the midst of transferring my site over to Wordpress and tweaking the layout, so it may be quiet here for another week or two, but then I’ll be posting regularly. For real…you can stop laughing.

Anyhow, these are most of my photo passes from 2008. Many shows I shot didn’t require a physical pass, so obviously this isn’t representative of every show from the year. Thought I’d post this because people seem to take interest in these things for some reason. Coolest pass, by far, is the Oasis one in the second row, below the green Foo Fighters pass (the foot).  If you’re interested in checking out the notes on each pass, head on over to Flickr.

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